Game of Nodes has started!

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The Goal of the Game

Several times our team have publicly reported about the following problems:

  1. At the moment the Waves blockchain has reached a critical level of centralization. It is very dangerous.
  2. The community of Waves holders is highly fragmented and inert.
  3. The community of developers, whose projects are based on the Waves blockchain, has a strong fragmentation too and, consequently, low efficiency.

All this has a negative impact on the entire Waves ecosystem. We propose to play a game. And playing will be not just for fun, which is obvious, but it will also help to:

  1. Reduce the level of centralization as much as possible.
  2. Unite the developers to improve existing projects and create new ones on the basis of the Waves Platform.
  3. Activate the sleeping part of the community. Waves Platform is just the foundation on which we can build our own world with our own laws and rules. And may the gods hear us.


All nodes owners, whose nodes are generating blocks, will become the lords in the Game of Nodes. The exception to this are the nodes, the total generating balance of which exceeds 5%.

You can not be born a hero, but you can become one. Developers, active players and nodes owners can get the title of Hero of Westeros and special reward for active participation in the Game of Nodes on the side of the living.

The army of the living includes all members of the Community who have Waves and who will take part in the Game of Nodes.

All nodes with a generating balance more than 5% become white walkers. The node, which has the highest generating balance, becomes the Night King.

The army of the dead consists of all members of the Waves Community, whose Waves are in power (on balance) of the white walkers and the Night King.

There are gods in the original universe of the Game of Thrones. They are the most mysterious, unpredictable, and extremely powerful entities that have a strong influence on the course of the Game. And as in the Game of Thrones, there are plenty of gods in the Game of Nodes. Meet them – the Waves Platform development team. You can pray to Seven (that is how much Scala-developers we could find in linkedIn), The Drowned God and even The Many-Faced God.

Jon Snode is only a game character. We call on all the Lords, Heroes, and Warriors to gather under his flag. Jon Snode is guided by duty, and not by the desire for fame and fortune.

The Game of Nodes universe has the Daenerys character, of course. This role is assigned to the business analyst of the Tradisys team. In the Game of Nodes, she will be responsible for structuring the plans and actions of the Lords, Heroes and Warriors. And believe me, she is able to tame the Dragons. You can see for yourself.

Rules of the Game

Our main goal is to defeat the army of the dead and their leaders, white walkers and the Night King. To synchronize the actions, we set the start point of this fight and specify the main ways of communication:

  1. The game begins once this page is published.
  2. All Waves holders, nodes owners, traders, Waves platform developers and other third parties’ developers join the Game of Nodes immediately.
  3. The game has no end date.
  4. For coordination, we will use the Tradisys Global Telegram-channel for the English-speaking part of the Community and Tradisys Russia – for the Russian-speaking Community members.
  5. A separate private chat was created for the Lords and Heroes. There they will be discussing concrete plans for fighting. This chat will be supported in English only.
  6. The main weapon in this war is the Waves coins. Use them actively but wisely.
  7. Everyone has the right to choose a side in this war, and any choice should be treated with respect.
  8. The Tradisys team will be responsible for organizational duties only. It does not set itself the goal to become the Night King and does not pursue any other goals in this Game than those stated.

Lords of Westeros! Heroes and Warriors! The army of the dead, led by the King of the Night, is coming. It’s time to decide whether you are ready to enter this war? Are you ready to fight for good, justice and decentralization?

Jon Snode calls the Lords of Westeros to the first military council in Winterfell to find out who is ready to face the coming threat together with him. After investigating the conditions of the Lords, he decided to send out ravens with his call for unity.

Within 24 hours from the start of the Game, Jon Snode will send out the Game of Nodes token to all nodes that generated at least 1 block in the last 30 days. If you want to respond to his call, then you have to send this token back to Jon (alias jonsnode), specifying your Telegram nickname in the description.

If you are a Hero (developer), and you also want to participate in the first military council, then go to the Tradisys Global or Tradisys Russia Telegram channel and contact the Lord of the Node (@tradisys).

The Night King representatives and white walkers are not allowed to participate in military council of the Lords.

The nodes that do not have a web site but with generating balance less than 5% will also receive a raven. They will be able to respond to the Jon’s call. However, these Lords will be admitted to the military council only after additional verification.

The first Council of Lords will take place 7 days after the start of the game. The exact time will be agreed in the private Telegram-channel as the Lords arrive at Winterfell.

Let the Game begin!


Ravens are on their way.

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This is a great initiative! Great example of gamification, though it seems to me there are no incentives apart from helping to decentralize the network, right? (Which is more than enough for a lot of people, but as you stated, a big part of the community is inert and might need some bigger reward scheme to actively participate).
But still, congrats fot the initiative and its creativity :clap: :clap:

How did the first month go?

Hey! We already finished the second part of The Game here:

Next chapter is on the way!

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Niiiiice !
Maybe I answered too quickly :grin:, I didn’t take time to explore the rest of the forum before posting this.
Thanks for the quick reply though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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