Games in Development

Here we would like to “highlight” several prospective gaming projects on operational and development stages.

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Let’s go:

  1. Laserchain. The First Strategy War Game On Blockchain.

Virtual world game economy that allows players to earn and use a cryptocurrency in the game, then withdraw and trade with each other. So, the virtual economy controls the price of the asset.
We use blockchain to allow players to withdraw and sell their earnings. We would also like players to have ownership of their digital goods, and eventually some provably fair mechanics on smart contracts. We want to decentralize more of the game, but the game mechanics are complex - so we use a hybrid of centralized and decentralized server tech.

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  1. ARCUS. Augmented Reality Coins United System.

ARCUS is an entertaining advertising and information space, uniting virtual and real worlds in a single ecosystem, focused on the digital generation. The core of the space is a platform that creates a connection between a layer of augmented reality and a real-world space on the ground for remote positioning and virtual content management. Users interact with augmented reality through the smartphone application. ARCUS token is the equivalent of the value of digital assets and universal in-game currency of the ARCUS ecosystem. The token allows the advertiser to use augmented reality to promote their business, and the user — the ability to obtain material benefits when playing and viewing ads.

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  1. Singapore gaming platform

Singapore gaming platform has signed a key partnership with Waves Platform. Developers will be able to select Waves as an option in order to tokenize their games’ assets:

  1. RewardMob

RewardMob partners with Waves to launch blockchain-based mobile gaming platform

  1. Arker, the legend of Ohm.

"Game uses the token to reward the player each time he wins a fight with his hero or wins a challenge against another player.

These tokens are used at the same time to acquire chests, weapons, abilities, trade items with other players, create clans or even bet against other fighters who accept the duel.

Soon you can also buy passes to the story mode, where you can dive into the adventure and discover all the history of the world of Ohm and its characters, winning exclusive items.

With all this, what we want to achieve is a closed in-game economy where the tokens circulate within the game."

  1. Wavesmania.

3 games for Waves community from mr. Lister:


You can’t be serious? You didn’t list the only viable, real, and profitable, gaming platform on Waves???

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Games when they need proofs between parties could be sense to built on decentralized systems. Otherwise it is just waste of time.E.g building minesweeper on blockchain meaningless. We have to show ppl what can be solved (real life problems) with sc and blockchain. No need to reinvent the wheel. that’s what I think. some products works great in central servers.
As a suggestion, betting, casino games need trust and sc can solve this problem. In other hands, a market for items in games.( there are many project focused on this)
But trash all of this and start working on decentralized messaging application.

Clash & Go, isn’t it ethereum project?

Clash & Go is a good game, i had try it, enjoyable to play. this is like combined of COC + pokemon Go with a much better improvement (auction, vote, and more). I hope they can do marketting properly.

Arcus had a unique concept too, simple AR with sort of airdrop. Its like new type of paid to click apps (maybe we could call it paid to play with AR).

Is it possible for Clash & Go managed to implement Arcus system of quests in augmented reality?
Or is it possible for Arcus to implement Clash & Go or improve much enjoyable gameplay?

IMO the combination of the two ideas is very interesting if it can happen.

Currently my personally Score is
Clash & Go : 87.5
Arcrus :70.3

Monsterbyte is in the gamble category rather than game in general. A ban on certain game in general is very rare. Otherwise there are some country ban on gamble.I think that’s why he didn’t mention your project in this session.

I offered Waves lab more than half a year ago my project based on the waves . they denied me twice =) no support =(

To put waves into a game does a person need to start fresh or can a community of people on the open source spectrum of things add waves into a game. I know if a project like openmw (a morrowind project) implemented waves into the economy it has great potential. The demographic of people who know and love morrowind are old enough to spend money and loyal enough to play anyway if they cant.

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Really looks good as people would love to see games connected with some block chain platforms. You should put this option, i mean paying with crypto in any other game like, it could be a real blast.

I read about laserchain few days ago. It is a really promising project!

IMHO, gamble and lottery shouldn’t be considered games, they are other kind of entertainment.

The easiest way to start working on a tokenized game would be follow successiful P2W mobile games. Many of them are 2D and not much hard to create, but are fun and there are ppl who pay to get stronger on them.

It’d be very nice to have trading card games or fighting monster games, where we can train our monsters, get itens to make them stronger, get them stronger by fighting, and then sell them or buy others. And do that with other players, instead of just pay the company for unfair loot boxes.

Game dev just needs to be careful to not abuse it. There must be fair cards that players can earn for free, and no cards that are trash and can’t be sold. Let playerbase grow playing for free, have fun, then a few of them will start buying and trading.

Ow, I’ve liked the idea to develop a gambling game. In fact poker or any other casino game really develops person’s mind and makes it be sharp. For example I’ve tried a lot of different games but I can certainly say that gambling games make a person think in other way. For instance, when I started playing poker at this site w88th, my mathematical skills have improved. So, it seemed to me an awesome opportunity to develop my mind :slight_smile: Moreover, I’ve been playing there for 2 years and now I am even able to earn about $150-300 a week, and I understood that it doesn’t depend on luck but on mathematical thinking