Gastdl node

Pool name: gastdl

Address for leasing: 3PJ3kwoVatMoeGHPu7QhaZxw5RWBP4kuUJB

Website: None yet!

Payment policy:

100% fees + 95% MRT paid weekly, when payments are distributed the cost of the transfer transaction will be subtracted from the amount the leaser receives.

Pool Representatives: discord gastdl#3496

Location: FR / Currently Living in Africa

Feature voting policy:

Yes to all features that will improve the long term viability and health of the Waves platform ecosystem.

Other Details: Please Lease Minimum 250 Waves to make it more interesting for everybody

Thanks for making this small amateur node a bit bigger :slight_smile: !

Great! congratulations! I will lease some waves to you:

Are you working on a website?

@MoonBounties Not really. But if it is mandatory, I can take some time to do it.