Gateway Coinomat log and external blockchain fee purposal

Recently i made a few gateway transactions of WETH to the Ethereum Blockchain.
Due to i have no access to the reciepient address anymore i had to contact coinomat to provide me the TX ID.
It would be cool if the description field in the Waves Client Transaction Log
or the Attachement field of the transaction, viewed in the Wavesexplorer would include a reference to the Ethereum TX ID.
Of course some people will now cry about the lack of “pseudo anonymity”, but in case the gateway addresses are somehow registered as those, a selective “traceable transaction” option could be displayed in the transaction window.
Furher on, you could also offer the users to specify the tx fees or gas costs on their own. This would be very useful, if a specific value has to be transmitted, to be proceeded by the reciepent automatically.
Nowadays, you i can just guess the gas cost for ETH and in most cases i have to contact the reciepient to look after my transaction manually.