GCT2 - Invest in Startups with Golden Cloud [GCT2/WAVES]

Hello friends from all over the world!

At first,we tell you who we are
Golden Cloud Token (GCT2)
We are a participatory investment platform in Startups around the world. We provide stability thanks to the issuance of Startup debt, which we constantly monitor and evaluate. We rely on WAVES to promote startups based on cryptocurrencies, especially in WAVES.

Name: Goldencloudtoken
Ticker: GCT2
Total Supply: 3.5B

Maharlikan Gold (MGOLD) You can buy GCT2 in the WAVES DEX or in our custom wallet (https://client.wavesplatform.com/) // (https://www.goldencloudtoken.com/wallet/)**

At second, our mission

We have created a giant Bussines Angels, so that all this cryptographic community can invest in projects that offer guarantees and are serious and profitable.

You can buy GCT2 by exchanging your WAVES in the WAVES DEX. Soon we will enable the GCT2 / BTC and GCT2 / ETH markets.

There are two ways to finance a Startup, based on your experience as a trade:
a) You can directly buy the currencies of the companies that we list and wait for the price of the cryptocurrency to rise. We will enable markets for [GCT2 / Startup currency] that will offer bonuses for its use.

b) Buy Startups debt: Startups generate money if we give it to them, that’s the way it is. We select the best Startups after a selection process prior to the issuance of that Startup’s debt to guarantee its viability. A contract that guarantees and protects the investment must be signed, with the GCT2 fund being responsible for the payment ultimately in accordance with the rules of the platform.

If you want to list your token, you can send us your request in the menu section, visit our website as soon as possible, we will only list 15 projects every 2-3 months, we will contact you by email and we will indicate the necessary information, see your whitepaper and your plan of business, you will need!

All the information and the market is in https://www.goldencloudtoken.com, we hope to finance many Startups working in WAVES!

Thanks to everyone, and especially to the WAVES developer team, for the tools for a more just and social world.

Join our Telegram channel >> https://t.me/crypto_startups_goldencloud
Lease your WAVES in GCT2-NODE! >> 3P9tQwZTSgiYNA789hdXzHuGzVTh4eFLrJq

Álvaro - Founder of GCT2

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Yeah, I’m interested in this. But I want to know something. I have some bad experience with the previous debt owner. I was just little it late from the given time and they treat me badly and they follow the debt collection process for recovering the debt. They sent me a legal notice. I told them about my condition but they did\n’t agree with them. Can you tell me you guys also do the same?

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