Get list of new transactions

I’m trying to create a mechanism for downloading new inbound transactions at a specific address.

First, I wanted to use waves node, but there I can’t sort the results and only gets transactions older than the given transaction ID in the cursor. Before param is not available.

Then I tried to use DataService:
I wanted to download newer transactions than 7Lo5d6P3KkdkHMhDzi8WRsGGrgGLeQRQrQqbKbqKjePL.
I created the cursor ‘1570023528108::7Lo5d6P3KkdkHMhDzi8WRsGGrgGLeQRQrQqbKbqKjePL::asc’ and transformed it to base64
Then I reqested the API:

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json"

And have empty result, but should include two transactions

I noticed that these two transactions have version 2.
It seems to me that this was not a problem with older transactions.
I tried to change the link to /v1/transactions … but then I get the error “” after \ “must be a valid cursor string”.
Maybe I’m going in the wrong direction?