Getting Circulating Supply for a token

I am using the following API to get the circulating supply of Triplay token, but the result is not updated:

On the Circulating value is updated, but not in JSON format.

Is an API to get such value (real-time updated) on JSON format there?

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Thank you @deemru, but I am asking for the total amount of circulating supply as should appear directly by using:
(see the value on “amountAssetCirculatingSupply” variable)

Your given link brings the token distribution. To use that, I must totalize the distribution, ignoring the amount on issuer address. So, it is necessary to know who is the issuer.

I find also useful substract the balance of the issuer to the total token issued.

yeah you need to subtract the issuer’s address from the total supply:

step 1:[assetId]
here you get the issuer and the quantity (current supply including burns)

step 2:
get the balance of the issuer on that asset:[issuer address]/[assetId]