Ghost Orders

Sometimes there are orders that when trying to be filled, just disappear (I call them ghost orders).

Ghost Orders can be created by creating an order and then withdrawing your funds from your account. The order will still be up. But as soon as someone is trying to fill the order it just disappears.

  1. Question: Why is this allowed? Like this order books can be easily manipulated.
  2. Question: Is there a way to detect a Ghost Order in advance? When getting the orderbook via API, a normal order and Ghost Order look exactly the same.

This must be reported as bug - withdrawal should not be possible for funds being in active orders

I did and I was told it is a known issue. But I wasn’t told if or when they would fix this.

It is not possible with the new DEX Client. But it is possible with the old Waves Client, with Custom Clients and via API.