GoldenToken (GDLT) for gold payments and investments platform


¿What is The GoldenToken?

It is a token based on the Waves platform, this project aims to create a secure and fast payment platform to make gold investments within our future platform.

¿How to buy The GoldToken?

If you want to belong to the gold project and want to buy The GoldenTokens, you can do it from the same Waves platform or in any exchange in which we are listed.


TradeXchange Platform

Waves Platform Exchange


About The GoldenToken

Transmitter: 3P7uoEt3rgpAPvnXpUKupgGpDB5AAnC31Hr

ID: Cvpdg1LarZmR873cVZjTXUd6cQYpGibuiK8E3djAhs2X

Name: The GoldToken

Ticker: GLDT

Supply Total: 5,000,000 GLDT

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The thing is that if you want to profit from metal’s price movement, you don’t have to buy physical gold with Bitcoin or other currency. Buying real metal may be a little cumbersome: you have to deal with shipping, storage, and it’s less liquid than digital assets: it’s hard to quickly sell it. buy precious metals with bitcoin can work long and short term — you can buy and sell metals according to your trading strategy, or just invest and withdraw profits much later.

Exchange-traded funds are the gold- or silver-backed assets that people trade on the exchanges. You can buy a share of these assets and profit whenever a metal’s price goes up. Just as with stablecoins, these assets are backed by real securely stored gold and silver bars.