Goldmine selling problem

Sell price must be greater than 100000000 wavelets > I’m getting this error. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

It’s a scam token. It was created using smart asset which can coded to limit anything you want. This token limited its own sell price to “more than 100000000 waveslets” but the problem is the creator can sell at excatly 10000000 waveslets but other can’t and any one can open buying order at lower price than that. And the creator consistently refill his sell order to get other people to buy it (cause you can’t sell unless you have 10 token)

I have 10 token, but still I can’t sell.

Just burn it (or hodl it until the creator give up) It’s a scam!

But if you really want to sell it. Sell it at 1.0000001 Waves (10000001 waveslets)
But beware! No one gonna buy it