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                    online poker to win waves on pokerstars
            click on the tab Home Games Join a Poker Club Register 
            ID GoTip_club: 2163455----------­­ Enter Code: gotipserie


                                to participate tournaments 

           the  buy-in are to pay with the GoTip in sale on the wavesplatform 

80% of our GoTip sold return in prizes for tournaments

5% in leasing for the annual tournaments prizes

3% for first day of the month tournaments prizes

2%the creation of tournaments pay and free of the day for the status

10% for the support and development team to develop our multi game tournament platform


for 90 day= 900,000 GoTip

for 1 year= 3,650,000 Gotip

                                  pass go_day

1 day =10,000 GoTip
7 day =65000 GoTip
1 month 250000 GoTip
10% for the support and development team to develop our multi game tournament platform

                                  good luck
                   thank you for helping to build this project
                                  with GoTiP
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+! - - -…- - -! more player…:pouting_man:! - - -…- - -!more fun…:muscle:! - - -…- - -! and big price…:trophy: ! - - -…- - -!+

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i’ve done everything, when is the tournament? when you will add me to the homegame club?

what is your address wallet we will check your transaction

send in private in facebooke GoTip :


                                        tournois reporte

                       view that we are a new project not many people buy

                      the tournaments can be delayed to stay informed follow

                      our facebook page or made the option of email of the club

                                   on pokerstars to receive the 

                                         tournaments info


                                    thank you for supporting

more player…!! _ _ _ _ more fun…!!_ _ _ _ and big prices…!!

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