Gowaves v0.2.0 "Meet WMD"

Hello developers,

The new version 0.2.0 of gowaves project was released.

In this release, we introduce the Waves Marked Data (WMD) service, the almost complete replacement for the Waves Data Feed. Please, read the documentation and give it a try. The WMD completely reimplements the original API of Waves Data Feed, except the WebSocket API. Though works faster, consuming fewer resources.

It could serve as an example of how to use our Go client library. In the source code you can find how to do the following:

  • Parse the binary blockchain file and extract transactions
  • Parse blocks received using API requests
  • Store a custom state in LevelDB

The client package is complete and tested. The whole blockchain was parsed using it. Consider using it in your next project.

Also, in this release, the chaincmp utility was updated. It helps to detect forks earlier. Executables for all major platforms are available for download on the release page.

Questions and feature requests are highly appreciated.