GYPSY new primary trading pair GYPSY/USDT

GYPSY primary trading pair on is now GYPSY/USDT
If you would like to learn about GYPSY check out the community page . We are using this community page to promote businesses that currently accept GYPSY as a method of payment & will be offering a community market listing service with lower fees than ebay in the near future. Thanks for checking it out & joining the community! We will be adding a GYPSY faucet to the site very soon in the meantime, look for airdrop promotions & keep in touch for free GYPSY!!!

Faucet by email is up at
Why do we use USDT as our primary trading partner? Just take a look at the charts.
The GYPSY community has much more control over market volatility by using a stable trading pair.

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Nice to see a WAVES token that can be used at actual businesses, for real goods.
& it seems like one of the few tokens on with a solid upward trajectory.
Good job! I will be watching your progress!!

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