H Education World Token Sale

With the world’s biggest token sale in the Education Sector, H Education World is looking to usher in a new future for the Education Industry.

The $5.5 Trillion Education Industry is running without any single core connecting students, institutions, and businesses across countries. H Education World will build the future of education into a single core to connect everyone with everything. Please check out our whitepaper for more details on how do we plan to do so.

We will use HCoin, our token issued on Waves, to simplify international fee transfers, fee payments, purchase of books and other educational resources, awards, scholarships, internships, student housing, and a lot more. In addition, we will use Blockchain Technology to build a database with educational and employment history of every student who utilizes the platform and available to educational institutions for admission purposes and to employers around the world for employment history verification.

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where can I see your platform prototype?


Our main corporate website is www.H-Network.International. The website that would be the main platform for our Education business and on which we are running our Token Sale is www.H-Education.World.

For our Education Platform, there will be several subject-specific websites that we will operate. We have one LIVE website www.EnglishEmperor.com that has been operational since Feb. 2017 and two more are under construction, www.MathsLord.com and www.Sciencense.com, which would be operational by the year-end.

From the English Emperor website, we ran a National English Olympiad in India in Dec. 2017 and have announced an International English Emperor Olympiad that would be held in Nov. 2018 and has already been announced on several channels.

Do contact us for any other information that you might require.

Nice project
I have followed up your social media


Very Good Token

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