H2OX.io - A Waves Token Exchange

Hey Pedro,
thank you for joining and for the link :slight_smile:

I sent you the 0.1 Waves, enjoy and feel free to tell me if anything on the site is unclear.


I have signed up.
username : prashin123

I want to do standard leasing. I have verified my waves address, but after clicking standard leasing now, nothing is happening. What should i do ?

Edit : I have leased waves now :smiley:
Good luck

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Hey Prashin,
thank you for leasing and joining!

Glad everything turned out alright :slight_smile:.
Some transaction can take up to 15 seconds to appear in the system.

I have sent you the 0.1 Waves, have fun testing.

Hello. My pseudo TKelda

Hey TKelda,
thank you for joining and helping out.

I sent you the 0.1 Waves.
Let me know if you find anything else :slight_smile:.

Hi my,

pseudo is: unheiliger

Just one question about the exchange part:
Why some one should use a centralised exchange in favour against decentralised waves wallet? I do not get the motivation for this.
But the faucet Idea is great to advertise tokens!

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Hey unheiliger,
thank you for joining.

I sent you the 0.1 Waves.

One of the goals of H2OX is to, at first, fuse a traditional centralized exchange
with the Waves DEX and then, once enough volume has been built up, transition into
a full DEX using a separate Matcher or possibly adding to the existing Waves Matcher.

This means that all orders of supported trading pairs on the Waves DEX will also appear
on H2OX together with the native/centralized orders and members will be able to use
the underlying Waves full node to set or take orders from the Waves DEX with their allocated account balances.

I hope this answers your question, I’ll write something more in-depth about this when I have some time later this week :stuck_out_tongue:.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the faucet feature and some of the upcoming features.

username: bitkingkong

Thanks for the answer, no it makes perfectly sense for me :wink:

Just another question what about 2 factor authorisation in the near future?

There already is a 2FA option using Google Auth
Go to Settings (in the dropdown menu over your username)
and then select the Security tab.

Thank you for joining.
I sent you the 0.1 Waves, have fun :slight_smile:.

If this will be look like in the future, so how does the listing form for Sime and Full-entry that mentioned to be launched soon?

Does this mean, no need to list of coin in this exchanger as this will appear also in DEX?

Only supported trading pairs will be pulled from the Waves DEX.
So you still are going to require a full or semi entry.

Lets say that you have a full entry for Redfishcoin for example:
If someone opens an order on Redfishcoin/WAVES on the Waves DEX, the order will be included in the H2OX orderbook.
If a matching order already exists on the H2OX orderbook, the Waves DEX order will be automatically filled.
But, if someone opens an order on Redfishcoin/WETH on the Waves DEX and H2OX does not support that pair, the order will only be available on the Waves DEX. (Just an example)

The same goes for Semi entries since they too include trading.

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Thanks for 0.1 Waves

Thanks for 0.1 waves.
My address is: 3PA19Tz4DojgXyMeA8DMSsZUUhrfygvzrtV

Thanks very much. Yes well sometimes the pages can be slow to load, dont know if u are aware. Other than that everything is clear to me.

Hey Pedro,
yes, I have noticed.
Thank you for your concern.

I am working on the live project and when I edit a system critical file it sometimes takes a second refresh to load. It is an early release after all.

There has also been increased activity on the site in the last view days and the server is way too small to handle the node and project.

I will be upgrading the server tomorrow significantly,
but it might still get stuck once in a while due to ongoing work.

I am sorry, but that’s not how it works :slight_smile:

Nice project, I’m testing it with my Bellavita Token, and promoting it all arount.

Username: coinictus

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Hey @yeswepump,
Thank you for joining and checking out the faucet feature.

I sent you the 0.1 Waves, have fun exploring :slight_smile:

Do you have a logo or a coin icon for the Bellavita Token?
Send it to me, if you want me to add it to the faucet.

Thanks very much. Here’s the logo: https://i.supload.com/Hyl4-kvy27.png

I wan try but i don’t understand at all ,i just understand about trading