H2OX.io - A Waves Token Exchange

Hey everyone,
I would like to introduce you to the early release of H2Ox.io

H2OX.io is a Waves Token Exchange
and although the exchange itself is not yet active in the early release,
there are a few useful tools for Waves Token creators and holders to explore.

Members can add any Waves token they want to the system just by sending any amount to
the sites main address or alias.
Those tokens are automatically eligible to use basic features like faucet creation,
airdrops and soon tipping.

Tying it all together at the base is a Waves full node,
which also functions as a mining pool.

Payouts occur after every forged block and are directly added to the miners’ account balance.
All Waves account balances start to generate after 1000 blocks,
which I call Dynamic Leasing because you can use your Waves without having to wait
another 1000 blocks.
Here is the Link to the Post in the Leasing Pools category.

Here is the first weekly update: Weekly Update #1
And for the second week: Weekly Update #2
The 3rd update is on Medium: Weekly Update #3
Update number 4: Weekly Update #4


:grinning::grinning::grinning: username : romannn

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Hey Roman,
thank you for joining!

I sent you the 0.1 Waves, have fun exploring and testing :grinning:.

Let me know if you have any questions about the features or if you find any bugs.

Thanks to the translation I received, I sent it to Leasing 1 waves, but I did not receive anything. In the office, not what is not displayed, please correct the error. Txid

Your first deposit went into lockup because it came from an unknown address.
Then it should have been released when you verified your address with the second deposit, but something went wrong during the release.

I have released it to your account manually and I will look into what caused this.

Thank you for helping out :slight_smile:

Thanks, I think the mistake was in me. When I sent the transaction in my office the waves address was not activated

i have a problem
When I have created account there was already ForFun coin faucet (with balance 30 coins) https://h2ox.io/ForFun-faucet

I have created another one
I’ve created faucet for ForFun coins (500 coins, 1 coin / 1 hour)
then i’ve get the massage ‘500 ForFun to faucet.sys’

and now there is only the old one (balance 30), and my 500 coins has gone

what to do?

Hey @forfuncoin
thank you for your message!

When I created the first faucets it worked fine!
Then I tweaked something to finish it and broke it :stuck_out_tongue:

I fixed it and tested it again,
now there are 4 ForFun faucets :grin:
including yours.

I also sent you 0.1 Waves for helping!

I’m still working on that one, it wasn’t your fault

Please make sure to verify your addresses first using Waves Auth or the description code method for now.

hello, my username redfishcoin

i would like to try!

i’ve veryfied my address
I have used description code, but when i click withdraw it says
Please verify an address! and Verify New Address

by the way very nice project

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Hey Redfish,
thank you for joining.

Sent you the Waves, have fun :slight_smile:.

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Hey @forfuncoin,
it was a very small bug that only happened when you only had one verified address, so I would have probably never seen it :stuck_out_tongue:

I sent you some CoffeeCoin as a thank you.

Hello! Joined the project.
My login - AlexSlim

Hey Alex,
welcome and thank you for joining!

Sent you the 0.1 Waves, have fun exploring and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

I did try to create faucet but i don’t know what Did I Missed, so it won’t let me create,


How to create faucet anyway? with minimum drop of 0.003
Your project is good, and I am looking forward for the exchanger too

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The minimum drop amount for new tokens is automatically set to 1 Token (Lower left corner of your image)

I can lower it for your token if you like.
Would 0.002 be alright?

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! did create now! thanks,

Help is needed.
I wanted to start a dynamic leasing, but in return I get a message that the user - h2ox - was not found.

All you have to do to start dynamic leasing is to deposit Waves to your own account.
Your Waves balance itself will start generating.

The 0.1 Waves I sent you started to generate immediately because they matured in the system already.

If you want to deposit, make sure that you verify your address first!
There is still a small bug with unknown transactions.

Cool project with faucets. I added affiliate link on my site.

Username: xmofuffo

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