HEATH Hth Backed by Blockchain technology



It is a Token created to be acquired easily, quickly and entertainingly. It is an innovative project created with the intention of being one of the largest sources of information and multiple areas. In addition to benefiting millions of people with their applications.


They are Tics professionals with a common vision, bringing the benefits of Blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies to people who are or are not related to the development of new technologies and the opportunities they represent.

Heath has the initiative that everyone can access the world of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology and thus be able to give an opportunity to those people who need extra income, raise money or those people who cannot opt ​​for a bank because of their situation, for that reason It is so easy to acquire this Token.

Heath being a project that seeks to reach the largest number of people, has created a community of developers from all over the world.

With this model, several work teams can be created and in this way move forward quickly and smoothly in each of their projects, in addition to giving developers an opportunity to increase their knowledge and also show their skills.

Having different points of view of people from different countries, who contribute their knowledge in order to add information that will make the project grow in a positive way.


Token Heath can be purchased at www.heathfind.cl
 For every Post you publish you will be compensated with Heath.

 The payment of this Token will be made directly to your Heath Find account, then you decide if you want to request the payment in your Wallet to be able to exchange them for another Cryptoactive, Euros or Dollars.

 Another way to obtain Heath is to perform mathematical operations through its Suma Heath App, you can download it from:

 They also have a Healthy Life App called Heath Running, which will reward you with Heath when running or jogging, you can download the App from: https://heath.cl/heathrunning/ /

 You can also buy them on the Waves platform:

The Heath Project has several stages such as:

  • ** First Stage: ** Launch of [www.heath.cl] (http://www.heath.cl) and social networks; where you will find all the information regarding the project.

  • ** Second Stage: ** Launch of [www.heathfind.cl] (http://www.heathfind.cl), a forum that will be one of the largest and most diverse sources of information.

  • ** Third Stage: ** The Heath project signed a contract with PundiX to be Authorized as Resellers of its xPOS.

  • ** Fourth Stage: ** An application was created to encourage healthy living; The user is rewarded for going for a walk, running or for performing a series of exercise routines at different levels. Also soon you can find recipes and tips for your health.

  • ** Fifth Stage: ** A GPS application will be created; In addition to guiding the user to his destination, he will have rewards for different collaborations between them:

  • Report automotive traffic density.

  • Accidents.

  • Existence of some type of danger on the road.

  • Upload photos of Mall, Parks, Museums, Metro Stations, Car Parking and more.

As shown, the acquisition of this Token will be very easy and entertaining.

Along with the aforementioned projects, an NGO will be created for people who need help in different fields.

 Be an innovative project of massive impact for society.

 Reach the greatest number of people who would benefit from it.

 Route people to immerse themselves in the world of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology.

 Obtaining Heath in free time.

 Alternative to obtain extra income.

 Way to earn income in an easy, creative and entertaining way.

 Improve your services for benefits in conjunction with the client.

 Be the first Latin American reference, at the National and International level in the development of applications and solutions with Blockchain technologies.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeathToken
Telegram (Spanish): https://t.me/HeathToken
Telegram (English): https://t.me/HeathTokenEn


Blockchain is a recently and most used word nowadays. This technology is so complex as per general people. But when the words block and chain in this context come together it is just talking about digital information stored in a public database. If you want to stepchange from traditional investment to the blockchain can let me know.

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