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With the current market value of cryptocurrencies, we know that people can make profits, however, the market has so many fluctuations that any short term investment is bound to not yield results as people have come to know cyber currencies for. All this data can be accessed from reliable sources.

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When we do a market history analysis we find that over the past ten years, people have made an average of 10 000% profit on their investments in Bitcoin alone. If you had invested a mere $ 100- 00 in Bitcoin in 2009 when it was trading at $ 0.40, you would have had an asset / investment that is worth 18 500% than you invested in 2009%, thus the same $ 100-00 in 2009 is now worth $ 1 850 000-00 today at the current market value of Bitcoin.

This is impressive for any investor, yet how to accomplish this is complex, sophisticated and time consuming, not to mention frustrating in the least. HRIH Investments as a cyber asset managing mining and banking institution has worked with such scenarios and expectancies and developed products that can render similar results over a shorter period of time. Instead of waiting ten years for results that can yield similar conditions and returns, we found a method that can profitably change a client’s investment capital into a super fund. We are thus creating a 2009 ~ 2018 investment environment without having the client to wait for ten years.

We simply super-inflate the investments with unique and special methods that counteracts all market fluctuations that may occur and uses that to still benefit and profit from the same market.

The portfolios essentially protect themselves against all market crashes by protecting the client’s invested capital from losses. Unlike conventional investment schemes where the asset managers essentially invest in the stock market or even other ventures such as the Forex exchange over short to medium terms to boost profitability, they still carry significant risks and underperform in many instances. The benefit of cyber assets is that one does not have to encounter these risks even though market fluctuations exist.

With our research and strategic planning, we can ensure investments that can return a client’s full invested capital should the portfolios underperform as is the current case with cyber assets, yet will still render returns that will deliver returns in the regions of 10 000% returns based on our investment module and strategy.

The possession of technology also allowed us to create our own financial products that directly benefit from our technology which is key in the performance of the products. Our system works with a unique feature that reinvests all daily profits together with the initial investment capital allowing for substantial growth and returns.

Over a period of five years we can deliver the same returns that you would have needed ten years for. We have thus created the perfect funds for all people from different walks of life. Businesses looking to invest and boost capital in the mid to long-term region can benefit from this as well as individuals. These products were designed to allow saving and investment of capital with maximum returns.

We essentially apply the Rule # 1 method to create portfolios that turn ordinary investments into super portfolios. Should you choose a single deposit investment and add regular monthly contributions, you can substantially increase your future earnings by merely choosing a single deposit portfolio of R 20 000-00 today and a monthly savings plan of R 1500-00 for five years will yield a crypto asset return worth R 3 888 168, 36 after 72 months, fully paid into your cryptowallet. This renders a growth of 35 times the invested capital. There is no investment fund in South Africa that can deliver these results to any client without undergoing significant risks that may potentially result in a guaranteed 0% return.

We, in turn, can not guarantee market performance just as any other portfolios in the world but can definitely guarantee growth of capital with returns dependent on market performance, which according to historical data and detailed analysis have grown by 18 500% in the last ten years. We are estimating a similar growth based on the last ten years historical data and estimate that with the advancement of technology and the addition of protocols such as ours which is based on the world’s fastest and most stable blockchain in the world to grow by at least 45 % in the next five years, which means that all calculations done without our financial calculator can be adjusted with an additional 45% compounded return on top of what the estimated returns shows the interested parties. The potential growth of our product is based on calculations and a token valuation model that we tested over a period of 8 months and projected over a five period to estimate future growth and returns. Though this was done accurately, we do advise clients that realistic returns between 15 % and above per annum are what we anticipate. *Capital can be either cryptocurrencies we manage or the money deposited into our business account to generate cryptocurrencies (Mine or purchase) on behalf of clients.

This means that clients can increase their investments by significant volumes over and above they stand to receive based on projected returns. Our plans simply outperform the most impressive financial investments in South Africa without having to risk the clients’ capital or incurring risky investments as a company. With the implementation and possession of our blockchain ledger, we can deliver these products and guarantee growth as indicated, though will boldly say that returns and market value of the invested asset is completely market dependent.

However, the risks of that have been explained by the historical data and a standard deviation that with current market values a high probability of all funds delivering what they promise and an acid test that shows high investment to profit stability we are honoured to introduce South Africa’s first legal cryptocurrency bank that will be conceded by the FCSA in terms of FAIS and banking licence requirements with FSP registration and will closely work with the SARB regulations to ensure product quality and profitability to benefit you our valued customer.

We introduce to you Heridity, the cyber asset/currency that can deliver a growth of up to 18 500% over a period of five years of single deposit or monthly deposit investments over the same period. A market changer for the South African economy, a financial instrument in the international economy that stands to compete with the best cyber assets and fiat currencies in the world, both directly and indirectly.

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