Hey forum mods loosen the dang rules

I see you banned a bunch of people or blocked them from getting pms and you cant post more than 3 times in a topic. Also you blocked guys with solid project from posting in their own topics. that is -removed- behavior from mods. You will kill the spirit of waves with this bad behaviour from the admins. Let the guys post already and stop with -removed- mods bashing projects that are solid

[ADMIN] Because all the bad words used in the posts in this topic, the admin deceide to replace them with -removed-.

I would ask if you could mind your words.
Also we don’t take these steps, the forum has build in protections.
So thanks for the respect!

Well I don’t think that most admins are even paid…
Again mind your words thanks.
Kindly rephrase your posts or I will remove them tomorrow.

If you would read the forum automatially restrict users who spam or post links.
You behavior is really not how you would anyone expect to behave.

I have no expectations. My experience is most people who act with ‘professional’ and politically correct public face are the worst kind of con artists, and those who speak candidly with no regard to ‘correctness’ are honest and solid

Your posts were auto removed by a spam filter because of links…what is it you’re linking too?

There is a difference in free speach, saying what you think and have no manners. No matter where you are, if you use words like you did, they are not going to like you. It’s just not the way people talk and has not a lot to do with personal opinion.