Hey Waves Chat App

The HeyWaVeS (HWV) chat app and social media platform

HeyWaVeS is a new social media application built on one of the fastest Blockchain technologies - the WAVES platform. It will be developed for Android, iOS and other mobile operating systems. There will be a web-portal version of the interface too.

HeyWaVeS is a platform where people can have a social interaction as well as economic interaction. Users can use the platform to promote their businesses and pay for goods and services.

HeyWaVeS is a decentralized system therefore there are no middle men handling transactions on the platform. The HWV token (which is a WAVES token) is used for transactions on the platform. Though the value of the token may rise in your wallet as demand increases, HWV token is not a security token.

HeyWaVeS will have the main features of a typical messenger app except for the following key features:

*in-built wallet on the HeyWaVeS side chain (on the Waves main chain network)

*Direct sharing of apps and file exchange (Android, windows, iOS, Linux) and files – with further cloud storage options available

*All data is encrypted (meta-tags, file content, payment layers)

*No detailed user information is needed to make an account – a basic image icon is generated similar to github. (Users can tailor their profile to add identifying layers as needed. Trust ratings are built up over time.)

*Lightweight – operations can be performed over many types of low speed data connections

Features in depth:

1. In-built wallet

HeyWaVeS comes with Waves Keeper client (online & offline versions) fused into the architecture. This enables users to hold and transfer tokens to each other. A simple interface will be designed to make executing transaction easy for the user. The Hey Wave wallet will have a Waves Keeper component that allows it to operate as a meta-mask payer for IDEX trading and full token functionality.

2. Direct sharing of Apps and any file that can be found online

Apart from sharing pics, videos, audio and word documents, the HeyWaVeS app gives users the benefits to share your apps with friends. It will operate like Xender, but crossing wider boundaries. This allows sharing of files and data to the rest of the community more easily and creates a bigger space for the social interactions to take place. HeyWaVeS is going to use a specially designed protocol known as Interplanetary File System (IPFS) to enable quicker messaging. IPFS uses a content addressed system rather than the standard HTTP protocol. Traditionally, blockchain-based messaging apps require the receiver and sender to access the blockchain directly, which can be resource-intensive but the use of the IPFS will eliminate this burden.

3. Data Encryption

Although most centralized social media platforms claim to have end-to-end encryption, the problem lies with the meta-data that gets exchanged along with the messages. Blockchain offers more security and privacy. Every piece of data sent on the HeyWaVeS platform will be encrypted including all meta information and any media, file, payment etc.

4. No public user account information

The system generates a public address for anyone who joins the network therefore the address will never have visible information that links to phone numbers, email or other accounts. Users can privately store some identity data on the app as needed for back end integration for KYC, using protocol layers such as dokstor.com.

5. Lightweight

HeyWaVeS will have a small code base and be very fast to install and quick to run. It’s not going to be a bulky app like its competitors, it will save users a lot of time, rather than hogging their time and attempting to monetise their data like existing social media apps. It will be able to operate at the lowest bandwidth rates of 0.1Mbit/s and will be able to be installed on devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above, capturing 99% of the current user market and a high percentage of the 3bn unbanked.

The HeyWaVeS Team

Kennedy – Java programmer and TrustMarketHub.com founder

Kelvin – Social physics innovation and Crypto enthusiast

Daniel – Crypto consultant and start-up veteran, founder of LivingSocieties.net

Developers - 482 Solutions and Maxtra Technologies are options for the software team

Hardware – building a relationship with Safetybit.tech and will beta test with Sirin OS

Partners and supporters

WavesPlatform – initially supported through Waves innovation grant and promoting Waves networks.

Blockpass – working with prize winning AML and KYC team to provide superior on-boarding paths.

Blockstack.org – competing for the $1mil social app prize (and $100k team development grant)

Security – high quality hardware security and software systems engineering expertise.

Exchange – users can pass KYC verification and onboard to FIAT>Crypto platforms.

Networking – tokens can be staked and rewarded LPoS for user IDEX activities.

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