HiTech1 Token - operating business

НiTеch1 - development, production and sale of innovative products, operating business.

On the Waves received from the sale of the token, we produce innovative products. At each sale, a certain percentage is laid on the buyouts of tokens. The percentage depends on the status of the buyer and final price.

Official website: https://cutt.us/QcQA8
Telegam: https://t.me/joinchat/M9MueRXBLb3Ch79X9m71Sw

Platform: Wavesplatform
Listing: Waves DEX
Web-client: https://dex.wavesplatform.com
Waves Wallet: https://wavesplatform.com/technology/wallet
Mobile Wallet: Android, IOS
Total Tokens НiTeсh1: 1,000,000
Token Buyout: Yes
Token buyout bonus: Yes, every three months
Sale after purchase: Yes
ID Waves DEX: 3gvEWpcTAp4H1qPfeDQZ9NagtHYXRmPnZeQuvz4Yk9rV
Token Rating: https://tokenrating.wavesexplorer.com/?page=1
Asset Distribution Report: https://dev.pywaves.org/assets/3gvEWpcTAp4H1qPfeDQZ9NagtHYXRmPnZeQuvz4Yk9rV

Token Distribution:
Sale: 700,000
Team: 300,000

Buying tokens you develop the production of innovative goods.
Selling products, we make strong the HiTech1 Token.