Hold & get Free Up to 1 ETH Every Month

:star2: UANG Token News
:heart: How to join buy & hold events
Buy a minimum of 1000 UANG Tokens and hold it in your Waves wallet, so every month you will receive ETH every 25th

For the holders we will announce the trading of UANG Tokens and make sure it will be profitable

We adjusted the Price to USDT, Now the price for UANG Tokens

~ 1 UANG ~ 0.0047 Waves
~ 1 UANG ~ 0.01 USDT

Buy and hold UANG tokens you will be rewarded up to 1 ETH Every Month

:star2: Total Reward 100 ETH

:star2: Market Buy

:star2: Privet Sell On Telegram
:point_right: @TessaManalu

:large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond: Happy Holding :large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond:

:loud_sound: Stey Info Disdtribution
:point_right: https://t.me/AnnouncementUangToken

Thanks for sharing! Very useful!