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HouseAfrica is a decentralized real estate and rental ecosystem that will develop low cost properties and use blockchain technology to make buying, selling and rental process of properties less costly, more convenient and secure.

HouseAfrica’s mission is to offer a solution to Africa’s shortage of affordable housing and leveraging on blockchain technology to ensure a seamless rental experience which will allow the entire rental application and rental contracts process to be completed quickly and online through the use of smart contracts.

In other for HouseAfrica to deliver on our mission to provide cheap and affordable housing for Africa, we are going to launch a crowd sale (ICO) to raise funds to build these cheap houses across Africa. All contributors to this project will be rewarded with HAF token.
HAF token (HAF) will be the form of currency used in the HouseAfrica ecosystem.
Every purchase, rental, sale, exchange, reward or fee made in the ecosystem will require the use of HAF Tokens.
The creation of the HAF token is the first step in building a system of incentives and rewards to drive efficiency in the industry. It is our belief that once payments are tokenized, the processes to drive token movement can be modeled using blockchain technology, and driven using electronic signatures from the different parties.
After compiling our research and looking at the pros and cons of all platforms, the Houseafrica team chose to issue HAF tokens on the WAVE blockchain under token standard.

WAVES offers several platform characteristics that we find appealing. These include an impulsively simple to use UI ( user interface) and the ability for fiat gateways using Waves DEX(Decentralize exchange).
WAVES DEX allows users to trade their HAF token 24/7 without inherent 3rd party regulation and fees. The waves platform does not charge fees for the transfer self-issued tokens which will reduce the administrative cost for token re-distributions.
Another important aspect the Houseafrica Team considered before choosing Waves platform is the community support behind Waves platform and its vision for the future.

Token Crowd Sale schedule
PRESALE START: 1 August 2018 to 31 August 2018 or when the presale cap is reached
PUBLIC TOKEN SALE START: 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2018 or when the max cap is reached.

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Thanks for interesting post, I think that we need such companies that will develop low cost properties and will make buying, selling and rental process of properties less costly and more convenient. I knew one company in UK, they are one of the leading buyers of residential or commercial property and land. They have over 30 years of legal and conveyancing experience to deal with any property related issues. So. I want that company like this start to develop more effective

Wow! That’s what can I say after reading, it’s so modern and maybe a little bit futuristic! Implementing such different technologies in one project is cool, and I understood this post correctly, the system should work well. If I would be able to try, I want to create something like that for my friends from the best company that I’ve ever met. they are awesome and I hope that you will agree with me after trying them. Thank you for an interesting post, and I hope to hear about this project as about successful and global one, in the nearest future.