How can I convert

Please how can I convert my waves tokens to real money

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If you buy my token and sign my agreement i’ll exchange for fiat, as long as you bring the copy of the agreement. you’d have to buy WTIP or MGIV. and only get 25% of the token value. but only if you have to signed my agreement and own the tokens and if you are not from my country i could always post the agreement to you, with a letter of where to send the agreement back so i can sign and make a copy and send you back a copy and then you can exchange back for fiat any time you want. as long as you send the tokens to a address first. and then you can have the fiat in return. you can either post back the copy with a letter and wait for instructions and then carry out the instructions and receive the money. basically when you want to exchange for fiat you send a copy of the agreement with a letter stating i wish to exchange my tokens to fiat, and then you get a letter back with instructions on how to send the tokens and what address, a new unique address, and then once sent you get instructions on how to collect your funds.

The agreement is a system of securing your funds, so you buy into the tokens and state how many you own, and when you want to sell i’ll provide the fiat for the amount on the agreement no more no less and once the agreement has been cashed in the agreement is no longer valid and you’d want to get a new one. maybe i could lower the 25% fee, and you could ask for lower.

all you have to do is buy the token and leave a message on WTIP official forum stating you bought the token and would like to receive a agreement and we will provide a e-mail encrypted e-mail to send the details of where to send the letter. and we’ll send you a letter and you have to fill out the amount you purchased your name and sign the agreement and send back the rest and then we’ll send back a copy and you can then cash out anytime.

all you have to do is send back the agreement with a wish to sell the tokens, then receive a second letter, which will tell you where to sell the tokens with a secondary agreement attached saying i sent to X address X amount of tokens and expect 75% or 90% of the stated market value, in return for fiat, and then when we get the secondary letter you get instructions to get your fiat.

and at least having a agreement guarantees a fiat payment.

Sell your tokens on the DEX and withdraw USD or EUR.

How to withdraw Euro/USD

what if he can’t get verified. for many many reasons the reason of cryptocurrency is inclusion, not the old system of exclusion. though i can get the money out without any I.D or anything.i mean my solution is for if he can’t use the old system, because of the fraud and corruption that the systems produces, or many other’s that can’t like myself in some cases, but i know the ways around the systems. therefore my offer is for people who can’t or won’t for whatever reason. like a anti fraud protection unit. where you don’t have to give I.D because hackers will steal the I.D and so on…all they have to do is hack a website and bang identity theft happens, and this happens often. which is why KYC is a toxic idea waves is promoting for poorly considered reasons and Komodo will probably perform better.

i waiver on waves because of their belief in KYC, this is a bit shady, because really that’s just the old system of exclusion trying to creep in, exclusion and fraud. people are way more vulnerable to fraud in the old system and implementing the old system onto the new idea is bad. which is why i think waves price tanks.

i’m only saying what i’m saying because i know how to get him the fiat out without I.D or restrictions or people even knowing how he got the money, and the way to get the money in is via intermediaries and out can be many different ways.that’s what a anti fraud protection unit should be doing. other than the pro fraud and suppression units run in governments world wide, and implemented by agents of their deceptions.controlled by high level media propaganda run by billionaires. probably funded by them as well, to control the masses in their dogma. waves should consider this more than anything else. consider not implementing KYC. if they turned around tomorrow and said we will never consider implementation of KYC they would increase their price. and we’ll keep the DEX running as a alternative, they would be doing good.

their systems largely allow and cause fraud and more problems, all for the means of control over a fake problem that they could not stop anyway. and the evidence they can’t stop these problems is always all over the news so therefore the system of control is illegitimate and corrupt.

i waiver due to the KYC concept, because that’s nothing to want to deal with to be honest, and my personal preference is a full DEX no control, which waves seems to be moving away from, because these controls can be used for political means to punish people illegitimately. harsh target track individuals who otherwise would be good. so therefore over the top surveillance done by agents of control for their masters, nobody needs that, because as i said before they don’t stop the problems now and therefore their controls mean nothing.

you could even say the controls only enhance the problem from the people who can’t participate as a result and the poverty that causes, causes the problems they want to avoid. their controls are meaningless. and that’s what the waves team should be thinking like.

if i was the waves team right now i’d set up fiat to waves stores in all locations with a big waves logo, and just exchange directly waves for cold hard cash in a store. and be done with everything else anyone using KYC no, just set people up a new wallet sell them a memory stick save the code or private key or folder on the stick load the stick into the computer put the money in exchange for fiat and be done with everything no KYC nothing like that just a pure exchange of digital currency for fiat.walk away with a stick with their waves loaded on the private key. if they try and shut you down just vanish into thin air. and set up new means of exchanging the waves brand that will by pass everything like a website and agents that exchange the fiat for waves. which proves the point the government controls make people’s lives more difficult which makes people more angry which causes more outrage which does not avoid the problems they try and avoid in the first place. governments are stupid. agents in multiple regions with phone numbers and number to call and switch board. and turn ultimate covert governments are a pain. nobody needs to deal with.

Got to on the 1st page it say crypto debit card click it and apply for one.