How can I get steem into my waves wallet

I have some steem and I would like to pay it into my waves wallet. I don’t see Steem being traded on Waves. I there a way we can add support for this to the wallet.

Not possible Steem is on a different blockchain

Well so is Bitcoin,Ethereum,ZCash etc yet I can deposit and send them to/from my wallet.

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If there is a gateway build for this yes

The WAVES lite customer has a disconnected stockpiling choice and clients can run it on any gadget, so it is basic with no blockchain download, moment associations, and the capacity to import and set up rapidly on various devices.It is conceivable to import/recuperate a record on any gadget by utilizing the interesting seed from which each record address is created, so accounts are available from any gadget.

There is no Gateway for Steemit
The others have gateway.