How can I install just a basic node without full DB and high memory consumption

How can I install just a basic node without full DB and high memory consumption.

Using Debian8


Why you are spaming this forum?

I guess you just have no idea of java?

You should start your node with for example:

java -Xms1G -Xmx3G -jar waves-all-0.14.7.jar waves.conf

instead of your old command:
java -Xms1G -Xmx7G -jar waves-all-0.14.7.jar waves.conf

Which means reserving only 4GB ram for the node and not 8GB

There is no basic node, a waves node always means a waves full node.

Well in the past you could add a line to your conf that would exclude from downloading the full database . I have been out of the loop a couple of releases and a lot has changed. So hence my question.

Currently there is no light node for Waves. Full node requires around 4 gb memory and 50 gb ssd. In fututre we are going to optimize node and decrease these requirements, but we don’t expect these numbers to drop dramatically.

Thanks for taking the time to response, I have done a fresh install with the complete extensive conf file from GitHub and now my Java memory errors seem to be gone. Syncing smooth. And I’m testing the new wallet and it works well with the node I created and all lease transactions to the node are visible in the transactions, nice work I like the new mobile wallet.