How can I make my token work with my website

For example I wanna make use of my token as a payment in my website, can this be possible without redirecting to waves platform, because I want this to be used as a payment in my website without redirecting to waves platform

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arent waves adresses not enough?

Hi please I do not understand your question, explain better to understand your question

why dont you just demand payment on a waves wallet and as soon as you got that, you execute your part of the trade.

Yes, I would have love to do it that way, but I like to implement it on a gambling site, how can I make this work ?

seems you like have to so some sensored coding, i am no expert about that stuff you seem to look for some kind ofwallet website interface.

i am no waves staff you have too look here for a coding expert for that

but thats an interesting question maybe someone asked that beforehand

Can anyone help me with this? If yes please respond to this. Thank you

If you have WordPress, then you can use the following ready made plug-in. You can also look at the source code (PHP), and design your own.

Alternatively, you can install it with one click if you use Magento. See the link below.

If you don’t want to use these ready made solutions, then you can use an external provider, e.g. Paytomat, Utrust, Request Network.

Unfortunately this plugin is tottaly outdated. Im trying to do the same thing as ACT_Token but havent managed to find a solution.

Create a script that communicates in both directions “your wallet” - “your site”, a sort of intermediary.
My programming sucks.
For example I need my users to pay with waves or tokens on my site, with the api key it is possible to do so.
However, the action takes place because they are transfers from wallet waves to wallet waves, but from my site no user will be notified of the transaction.