How Coinomat could easily lift Waves Platform to the next level

Hello Waves Community,

I want to present you an idea which involves coinomat to really ehance the comfort of Waves Platform. Waves got the feature of Sponsored Transactions, today I thought that it would be quite awesome if Coinomat could set up Sponsored Transaction scripts for all major gateway coins e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, ZCash, Monero, BCash and Litecoin. And dont stop there! Also set up sponsored transaction scripts for EUR and USD. I would also ask WAXEX and Digilira to set up sponsored fee scripts for their ZAR and TRY gateways!
To sum up the benefits:

  • Users of the Wavesplatform could pay transactions in any asset what they want, even directly with fiat, what might be quite interesting for companys.
  • It increases the tx on the network, is more flexible and still ehances the amount of waves fee distributed to the network
  • It is an additional income for gateway companies: While offering a very low fee (lower then some coins mainnet) they could still generate a decent extra income with this. (people might pay 0.01$ for a tx, even tho the real costs are only 0.001$)

The ultimate mode would be allowing that assets to be accepted as trading fee. This would bring a lot of attention to waves platform. (Trading with fee paid directly in fiat 0.01$ per trade).

What do you guys think about this idea? Do I miss something? Also I would love to hear some opinion from WAXES, Digilira and Coinomat if possible!



EDIT: WAXEX already chose this path! 0.35 ZAR can be used to send any kind of token at WavesPlatform directly for fiat. Awesome to see this technology already getting adopted by the first gateway companys!


Yes I believe this will greatly enhance the user experience for our customers.

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Token Zar? como consigo ver isso na minha plataforma?

Знак Зар? Как я могу увидеть это на моей платформе?

Token Zar? How can I see this on my platform?

What is your platform? Please clarify your question