How I get all transactions of specific assetId in address

in the /transactions/address/{address}/limit/{limit} max limit is 10000, and result most part is filled by spam assets :frowning:

Is it possible to add to the API /transactions/address/{address}/limit/{limit}/{assetId} ?
Or have another way to get ‘clean’ data ?

For now there is no way to get a transactions list divided by pages.
We have a project It’s an attempt to build a better API to the blockchain. But now it’s also has no method to get transactions of any type. Please, check the documentation at
Pull request are welcome.

no need that.

Need to get last 10000 transactions of specific assetId for a particular addressId

This isn’t possible. Sorry. Try to create an issue in data-service repository and as for the feature.

You can try an alternative open-source explorer:{address}/f/{assetId}

For example, a random address filtered by WEUR:

Or last transactions on the blockchain filtered by WBTC:

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Hi Ak666,

you can check, it supports requests like this. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.