How to get API-Token

I am new to using waves api, I need help on how to get API-TOKEN,

I neeed to create a new address for users on my app, the api endpoint requires API-TokEN

i guess API-KEY is the right word to use

Just any word or phrase or random symbols. This will be your API-Key, You have to send it with every request to protected API end points. Now you need the API-Key hash. To produce it you have to use the /utils/hash/secure end-point. Post your API-Key here and you’ll get the hash. Put the hash to node’s configuration file. That’s it.

Thank you,

The initial confusion is that I didnt know i needed to set up a wave node. but I have done that on Digital Ocean.

The issue I am having now is connecting to my nodes api enpoint using my digital ocean ip address is not working

By default, the node’s API is bound to local host only. So, you have to perform request locally on the host, or bind to API to all network interfaces:

rest-api.bind-address = ""

put this line to waves section of your configuration file.