How to get token listed on mobile app?

I have created two tokens on waves platform. I now have them paired with USD. They are listed and trading on the Dex online but do not show in the mobile Dex, even if I search. How do I get them listed in mobile?

Chek on “unverified assets” its a checkbox right upper corner in the android app

Thank you. And the follow up question is, how do I get my token verified? I have had a few people ask me recently.

You can’t.
Mine isn’t either.

Verification process will go away and become blacklisting process.
Mobile apps will be updated later this year to reach this. The standalone client already works like that.

I selected the “unverified assets” in the mobile app, chose the search, used my asset name… “there is no data yet”.

I chose “Add Market” but I am not sure what to put in Amount Asset and Price Asset.

Are you using Android app?

Yes. Screen shot not allowed or I would post it.

This worked for me:

Dex - Markets - Add Market. Have both identifiers already copied from a note pad or something… Paste them in the Amount Asset and Price Asset fields… Delete one identifier in each field… Then you get the market… Otherwise, they delete as you leave the app to copy the next one…

I get “invalid asset pair”. What do you mean to delete one identifier in each field? When I look at my asset details, I have an issuer and an ID (as well as asset name and non-reissueable, etc…).
“Amount asset” is found where?
“Price asset” is found where?

EDIT: Found the info.

This app?

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If so… Bottom right icon is the Dex… Then hit the plus sign… At the top right you can select Add Market… The will bring up the fields I mentioned… Have both asset ID’s copied, with a space between them and paste them in both fields…

Example, Eth and BTC… Have both identifiers copied and pasted in both fields… In one, delete the code for Eth and the other delete the code for BTC…

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Yes the app is very bad, and takes ages to find the correct assets when doing a name lookup

I found a nice tutorial and copy/paste the link in my previous reply.
Asset ID means the token I want to add
Asset Price means the coin I want to pair it with

Asset ID = the ID for “my created token”
Asset price = the ID for “BTC” or “LTC” or “ETH” or “USD”

True. The issue I had was that the ID would delete itself when exiting the app to go copy the next one.

My work around is for both to be copied at the same time. :+1: