How to make an easy transfer

I checked API about transfer : [POST /assets/broadcast/transfer],which needs to sign data every time before sent. it is not convinient to do more tests via cli such as curl,
is there a way just use some critical params such as from, to, assetID, amount,fee,from is a private key,and this fucntion can sign before transfer?

Not sure about what you are asking, so let me re-phrase it for you:

You want to send some transfers (probably on testnet) without using the waves wallet, is that correct? I assume you are developing your own client and you are using cURL to send your test requests to a node.

What language are you using to develop your code?
You should start looking at the existing client libs in

Also, have you tried the Swagger GUI? You can enable / connect to it using the instructions defined on config documentation

Here is the official Swagger, on main net:

thank you very much.
yes,you got the point.
I want to develop with golang.
There are more detail in the latest docs
I am trying to find an easy way using cURL to send a transfer.
furthermore,mybe need to create a transaction offline before broadcast.