How to vote for the proposal?

Hello, can you please guide me on how to vote for the proposal?

I did all of that and was accepted as a voter

Simple voting on the Waves blockchain | Waves documentation

Waves documentation in English

What is next? How to vote for example for VVXTNLP Token arbitrage proposal?

Hey, docs you mention is about blockchain features voting! About VVXTNLP voting is able to do it here

Hey back!

Thank you for your reply! I am a proud node owner. Not very knowledgeable. But I am trying to improve.

I would like to know how the voting feature works. I invoked the scripts from the manual two times: one time for Testnet and then toward my exciting wallets in Mainnet. Looks like a success. But not getting any clearer.

Can you please give me some idea on how can I implement my right to vote? For any proposal somewhere in the ecosystem?

Thank you so much for your time!

Proposal like in Vires, WX work with only incoveke (people who have locked WX or Vires, get rights to vote for project changes)

Thank you for the reply!

Is there minimum amount has to be locked to participate in such a voting?

Next week will be a proposal for miners I believe. Can I participate in voting having a minimum node balance of 1,000 W?

Yes, thats right. But make sure to update to latest version

Thank you so much for your reply!

I’m following the vote and maybe I’ll ask for your help again regarding the procedure.


Yesterday I successfully voted for the proposal using gWX received after locking some WX.

Thank you so much for your guidance!