I can not sell Surge on the dex exchange

Hello, I have a problem
Namely, I can not replace surge-waves
a message pops up
Order rejected by script of asset 5b3UGNZXX5srkHUQWnEWEiaVtnNWmg5aLo5uZMdjWupH
can someone tell me because I can not tell?

Hi. Take the look to the token description and try changing expiration period for your order (less than 100 minutes).

Sincerely, Waves Community Manager


Как узнать с какого проекта мне отправили токены и с какого проекта было распределино вознаграждения Surge?
How can I find out from which project the tokens were sent to me and from which project the Surge rewards were distributed?

I have the same exact problem and that doesn’t fix it.

Hi. It’s not error. Just the rules set out in the script of smart asset.

по моему этот всплеск не продать никогда. продаж вообще нет, если покупают,то в час по чайной ложке или и того меньше…

this surge is not to sell ever… It will be hard, but good luck!