I-Hash Ω: A New Asset created under Tradecoin

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Greetings to All Community members,
We are happy to announce you that we have created a new Asset named as “I-Hash Ω” under Tradecoin
(On Waves DEX).

I-Hash will be given only to miners with certain conditions who will submit his Proof-Of-Work to us.

For normal users: (Who are not mining I-Hash)

Supply in the market will be available for them only by the orders placed by miners and let the miner choose the price for his effort.

The purpose is the make the I-Hash more Valuable,Trustable and decentralized for distribution.

There will be always an race between miners to get it.

You can read here about it Blockchain Explorer record

Soon we will come with the whitepaper and more details.

Best Regards,
Tradecoin Team
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Goood prject


hello.it is good.

Sorry, But tokens are reserved only for I-hash miners. Normal users will be able to get it only via miners.
Reason behind this is to make token sale more decentralized. Initial price tag will be set by miners.
All info will be available in Whitepaper soon.

Thanks for your interest.

Best Regards,

Nice Tokn

thanks send coins here:





Nce Token

Greeting for the community!

As per our promise Here we are back with our I-Hash whitepaper: I-Hash_Whitepaper.pdf (904.9 KB)

Click here to Download the Java based I-Hash miner from Github:

Steps to Run and claim I-Hash tokens through I-Hash Miner:

  1. Click on “clone or download” in top right corner marked as green then click Download Zip to download “I-Hash.zip”.
  2. Unzip I-Hash folder.
  3. Click on Mining.bat (It will open Readme.html and I-Hash.html)
  4. I-Hash java based Miner will start running the miner in background.
  5. Initially I-Hash.html will be blank.
  6. As soon as your system will find a block it will be reflected in console as well as in I-Hash.html.
  7. Keep refreshing the I-Hash.html after certain time to see last mined block.
  8. Click on submit button just below the data available in I-Hash.html and sign a transaction via waves client to claim your I-Hash tokens.
  9. Kindly avoid submitting any duplicate or invalid hash. (for more information read the file “Readme.html”)

System Requirements:

Java must be installed in your system and it should be available in system root. You can check regarding java by typing “java -version” in command prompt.

Note: Windows operating systems may alert you for downloading and running .bat file and .jar file, so its normal. You can read the contents of .bat file by right clicking on it.

Best Regards,
Tradecoin Team


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Get I-Hash through only mining along with instructions provided on github.

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