I Have an Idea /But First I Have a Question

To my understanding you can’t Store Large Files like a mp3 or movie file on the blockchain. Is this correct? 2nd I believe in open source sharing and such but why should I trust this forum? Information In the wrong hands can be dangerous. I say that to say this I have a great idea for intellectual property at least music movie and to some degree books but I fear the misuse of the idea if it is successful. To see if it’s possible I just need to pick a programers brain. Now who would like to volunteer?

ideas are cheap, execution is everything

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That’s why I’m here. My first question decides the next step. To my understanding blockchain can’t hold a bunch of mp3 files if this is true my next question will be focused on internet and other technology we use because blockchain will have to be integrated or run parallel with my app or program. For my idea waves could work etherium or maybe even tron. Once someone answers that I will ask my next question and the answer to that question tells me if the idea is even possible which I believe it is.

what should ‘volunteer’ so to say in this case do?

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Firsr Thank you and anyone who participates. I just need to know CAN YOU CURRENTLY STORE A LARGE NUMBER. OF MP3 FILES ON THE BLOCKCHAIN, ANY BLOCKCHAIN??? If the answer is no I have a second question regarding current technology, then we can have a real conversation and potentially form something real right here right now!!!

You can find information regarding data transactions on Waves here

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