I have an idea for ASIC excavators.

I have an idea for ASIC excavators.
I want to make power supplies that act on the sun and wind. A power supply that will run up to 3 excavators at home and a device for recovering heat from excavators. Thanks to this, the excavator will be silent but also will not use electricity from the network.

I need money to prepare a prototype and show the world.
If you are interested in project support, please buy my Enixon token: https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/5LfNxxQ3LRWDesSJv83prurKzqX9iS9UMYZPojky9N56

All donations are welcome.

I can not promise anything but I will try to ensure that anyone who supports the project can buy a finished product at a lower price.

If there is an interest in supporting me in starting the project, I will launch a website that describes the progress of work as soon as possible.