I need help with "Sponsored Fee Transactions"

First of all, I would like to congratulate everyone involve in the Waves Platform, it is really awesome

Second, I’m having trouble understating the “Sponsored Fee Transactions”. I’ve read this and this, but I am not sure if I got it.

So if I want to enable “Sponsored Fee Transactions”, one way would be to activate the feature (not sure how to do this) and then to put the piece of code below (with my info) into POST /assets/sponsor
“version”: 1,
“sender”: “3FjTpAg1VbmxSH39YWnfFukAUhxMqmKqTEZ”,
“minSponsoredAssetFee”: 100000,
“fee”: 100000000

another way would be to use the tools provided in this post. Right?

Another thing, if I enable this feature do I need to create my own transferring system or will Waves Client will work?


Yes, if you want to issue sponsorship fee tx for your token/asset then you can use that tool.
Once you’ve done that you can transfer any tokens using your asset as fee.
Currently, Waves Client doesn’t support custom asset as fee so you need to create your own client. But I have created an example here.

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Thanks for the answer and for creating the tools

Glad to know that you find that tool useful :wink:

I am from Brazil, and I am planning to write everything I learn here as a step-by-step tutorial, in Portuguese, can I share the tools that you’ve created and translate them into Portuguese?

Sure, why not?! That’ll be great.

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