ICO on Waves using Smart Contracts

Has anyone done or seen any ICOs on Waves done with smart contracts instead of a centralized party like it was done before.
How is it technically realized: token freeze, soft and hard caps, whitelists?
How would the solution look like if possible at all for example for such an ICO -
Only whitelisted addresses can participate in the token sale.
1-1000 first tokens at a price of 1Waves
1001-2000 - 2Waves
2001-3000 - 3Waves
All token sold get released in 90days from ICO start date.
The rest of unsold tokens (team tokens) get released 180 days after the ICO start date.

Seems like pretty standard ICO scheme. How would architecture for this with smart assets and smart accounts look like?

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НЕ НЕВИДИМО, КАК ЭТО СМОТРЕТЬ продаже токена могут участвовать только адреса из белого списка