Idea for a Waves feature

I had an idea for a Waves wallet feature - I’ve never heard of anything similar in blockchain so, if implemented, I think it would create some much needed buzz around Waves Platform as well as increasing Tx volume.
The idea is for a built in music streamer in the Waves Wallet (maybe part of the new messenger service). A Waves Playlist token could be airdropped to Waves/WCT/MRT holders. Token holders could pay 1 token to stream a song to the radio station. A music streaming service could be partnered with to provide content. Other features could include a priority fee stucture - EG 3 tokens for higher priority to 1 token for normal priority. The sponsors alias or address with message could appear below the artist artwork.
In this time of blockchain being a solution chasing a problem, this could get some serious traction - along with messaging service!
What do you all think?

nice idea :slight_smile:
my question would be…why would people pay to play their own music when you can do it for free though?

Good point!
People in the UK can get free bank account with free chaps - but they pay BTC, LTC & BTC Tx fees!
On Waves Radio - people are paying to stream their selection to everyone with a Waves Wallet who have the Radio on - their song gets played and their alias/Tx Message gets displayed. That’s what they pay for. I would guess that, if a good partnership deal could be struck with a content provider the fee could be very low. Also it doesn’t require it’s own token - maybe it would work better with Euro for pricing stability - so like €0.01, €0.02 & €0.03.
It could be extended to video player as well - imagine all the Waves tutorials as free content from within the wallet + people could push interesting videos to Waves TV! Hell we could even get Max Keiser Show - he would have to talk about us on his show then!

I dont think should be implemented in a wallet. A wallet should be used for what a wallet is ment for. Managing your funds. You could make it a standalone application though :-).

I remember Verge once has a radio in the wallet, that was kinda weird.

Good ideas. Must be made

a bit like putting a radio on your toaster when there is already a radio in your kitchen or pocket. fucking pointless.

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Or a bit like putting a camera in a phone when you already have both.

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only as an add on, people might get crazy if things look to complicated and each pixel is effectivly a different Button