Idea To Benefit Myself And Others (fee and minimum transaction reduction)

Any kind of idea? I’d like to propose one. to get 0.001 waves for the fees for DEX, or however much we are asked to pay even if we are sending, buying, etc, a completely different currency (0.001 for a BTC transaction, really?), it would be nice instead of having to pay a minimum of $30 just to get enough waves to get our funds out of this wallet, we could buy them at the rate they are now? As in literally purchasing 1 wave? Some of us cannot just pull 30 dollars from the sky, and also can’t afford a cell phone like it requires. What if some new to crypto idiot who didn’t read the fine print thought this was a bitcoin wallet with regular bitcoin fees and put all their money in it, and now has no more money to spend? What if by the time they saved up $30 it would be too late to spend their hard earned money on limited-time auctions? I wouldn’t want to be that guy! Someone who can do something about this, please contact me.

if the people who run this show need it

What do you mean by $30? what is it?

Amount you pay:
The minimum is 30 USD, the maximum is 3000 USD
Approximately you will get
9.5 WAVES”
This is for the debit/credit card purchase of waves. I can’t find any other way of buying waves other than the DEX (which requires a 0.001 wave fee for buying, and a 0.003 wave fee for selling) or an outside website that will let me buy them and send them directly to an account. If you know one of these please let me know, I would be very thankful to hear solutions from more experienced users. I have no clue why people do not comment on this. I do not possess 30 dollars, and by the time I might be able to pay it will be too late to buy my limited time items. Can you see what I am dealing with here? Redfish, you can just convert whatever currency you use to usd (ex. “usd to pounds calculator”) on a calculator if you want to know what i mean by $30, I know this is a European site. I am really just asking for them to change the minimum from $30 dollars, to something more modest like $10, or even better allow for the minimum to be the cost of one wave. Also introduce a different kind of verification to buy it, because some of us can’t afford a working cell phone on top of $30. I am sure there are people like me who have their btc on this account rendered useless just because they read “Blockchain” and “Gain access to the Waves platform’s solutions for storing, trading, managing and issuing your digital assets, easily and securely.” and thought the only catch was the btc fees for sending (0.001 BTC = $7.18, this is 44 TIMES the MAXIMUM fee you pay at blockchain, which is a FAIR fee equal to 0.000022 BTC, or $0.16.) and stored all my btc on here? Then when looking for support from staff, they are magically non-existent? What solution is there?

this area is for forum only, solution mught be given by users, You can submit ticket to wavesplatform about this debit card minimum issue.

Buying waves can be done not only in wavesdex but in other exchanger also such as

If you did purchase bitcoin before in other platform, then you can try that and then transfer bitcoin into wavesdex

when owning no waves, and your first trade is big enough, you will be able to trade and the fees are taken after trade instead before

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