Ideas about assets, portfolio, DEX, token generation, presale on wavesplatform


  • Allow pin/unpin assets: this tool was removed but it is extremely useful especially if you issue a currency, as it allows you to immediately check the total and circulating supply. :white_check_mark:
  • Add token logo
  • Reorder pinned assets just holding and release with the mouse cursor :smile:


  • Remember hidden assets, not only spam :white_check_mark:
  • Allow sorting by Value, USD
  • Allow sorting by Price, USD
  • Allow sorting by 24h Change
  • Another filter or category to catalog or organize better legit tokens but of secondary importance




  • Insert again symbols when creating a token, or they are not “true” tokens… IMHO it is not the right solution to the problem of frauds and scam tokens (read the next point)
  • Add a verified badge to projects worthy of trust I think this is the best solution to the previous problem

Possibility to create a presale campaign on wavesplatform


  • allow to fix a soft cap and a hard cap
  • possibility to fix the price and the minimum/maximum amount of tokens to buy per account
  • investors can reserve the amount of tokens they want to buy and the necessaries funds are freezed (as for leasing)
  • investors can remove the request of reservation before the end of campain paying a fee (as for leasing)
  • at the expiry date, investors funds goes to the address who created the coin and the tokens are distributed to the investors who reserved tokens

Why not make it possible to issue tokens in which emission is not included (for example, when creating a non-ticked box or in the future there will be changes and encouragements to tokens that can be released)

Now the cost of creating tokens is 1 vaves and also the reissue of the token costs 1 wave. But this does not allow you to re-issue tokens to those who did not tick, actually I suggest in such cases to give the opportunity to recreate a token for 100 waves if a non-tick is ticked.


You’re talking about this in so many threads…
Open just one please so all answears are not scattered in various threads of the forum

With the last update I can’t pin my asset as in the previous one. It’s a pity. It was very useful. :pensive:

Thank you :heart_eyes:


You are welcome! :wink:

In PORTFOLIO it could be useful to add another filter or “category” to catalog or organize better legit tokens but of secondary importance.

This because, many users sometimes join bounty campaigns and get free legit tokens or just buy few tokens. But their amount is usually low and they just hodl those tokens for a future raise of the price. However they don’t need to show and see those tokens every day. So they could use a filter to don’t show, but put them under a category different from spam.

I propose something like:

  • All active or “Main tokens”
  • “Secondary” tokens (you can find a better name, of course)
  • Spam
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You could add more info boxes to help new users

  • about how to use better the search bar adding “/”
  • understand the importance of the Asset ID
  • understand the importance of the SEED and warn against phishing attempts
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Allow the switch from “Reissuable” to “Not reissuable” token without the need to insert a quantity of tokens to be reissued and the payment of 1 WAVES (burning costs 0.001 WAVES!) :smile:

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I would love assets that are worth 0 to be put in a different filter. Active - dust - spam. Some tokens are not spam but also I dont want them showing up as active.

I proposed something similar. Yes, another category in filters should be nice. :+1:

features good to have:

  1. open the chart in a new window
    (Many traders are working on several screens and one screen is just for the chart)

(pleas add 1minutes;3minutes; 2hours!!(very important for the chart reading); 1week ; 1month

3.a visible order book in realtime like here the Depth Chart:

4.A button on the right corner of the chart which just will be visible if you look at a old timframe of the chart.
if you click the button you will be forwarded to the end of the chart(the recent chart)
like here:

good job! the inferface is looking well!

best wishes



You could consider to add:

  • a green (or blue, if you prefer) color to the name of tokens used for the first time
  • a red color to the name of tokens already used before by another token

This for the purpose of preventing fraud attempts using the same name. I know you can check the ASSET ID, but this method is more immediate and provides a further security. Who can remember or check all the asset ID? :smile:


Great! Thanks for this new feature added with the new update :hugs:

  • Add a token logo
  • Reorder pinned assets just holding and release with the mouse cursor :smile:

In the assets screen, if i want to pin an asset and I type the asset name in the search, some tokens are not present in the list.

Edit: solved. they don’t appear in the list if they are in the spam :+1:

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An expiration longer than 30 days would be welcome


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Very important for ICOs!