Ideas to improve usability

Hello, I would like to suggest some things to improve the use of DEX.

1- In the wallet, I would like to suggest that all qualified cryptocurrencies already listed (at least the ones I already own) appear without having to click + to appear.

2- In the wallet, in the ‘send’ option, first list the qualified tokens and then the others to avoid a huge listing with several spam tokens that generally do not interest us.

3- In ‘wallet> portfolio’ also list, first, the qualified tokens, and then the others (by default, in ‘all active’).

I think these little tips would make our everyday use easier.


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  1. I agree with you.
  2. Imho it is better the actual option. You can use search bar to easily find the token you need.
  3. There is “Qualified” filter. About portfolio usability, check this idea too:
    Portfolio: sorting by value, price, 24h change, volume