What do you think about conducting an IEO on the DEX ?? It is popular now.


I didn’t know about this possibility at dex, can you tell me more about the process?

That is related to a post I put on the Technical thread. I am curious about the process but it seems to me that others like Binanace, Bitfinex, etc are more organized with respect to marketing, etc and maybe more investors are watching those. If one were to do an IEO on the Waves platform, it seems to me that it is more DIY. Create a token, get it qualified, put up sell orders. Where would the marketing take place? Seems like the Projects thread in the Community is where it is happening. Is that enough for a Campaign? ICOhub hasn’t had any tweets for quite some time, Tokenomics seems related to security tokens only. VentuaryDAO for Waves, maybe? Are investors watching that one?

that sites hosting has been suspended for some reason VentuaryDAO went to look to see if this could help was all in Russian as well.