Improving decentralisation Lease Nodes

Hi there,

Before WEP4 was accepted, the smaller nodes had a little more advantage in rewarding the leasers to their node.

Now after the WEP4, there is no more advantage for node owners and leasers to lease their Waves to smaller nodes. What will have impact on the decentralization of the waves platform. Big nodes will become even more bigger on this way.

Before WEP4:

  • Fees per block
  • xx MRT amount per block till 70 blocks per day (this max of 70 blocks gives the little advantage of smaller nodes)

After WEP 4:

  • Fees per block
  • 6 Waves per block

Let’s give the smaller nodes a little advantage again so leasers will have a little more profit when they will lease their waves to a smaller node. This will increase the decentralization overall!


Just ask every node to set up reverse progressive reward policy. Like this:

  • pay 99% if generating balance < 100k waves
  • pay 95% if balance < 500k waves
  • pay 90% if < 1M waves
  • so on