Inaccurate Asset Balances

Quick question. I’ve noticed that when I fetch balances from the API, my reported balances can vary and seem to be reported inaccurately at times. Is this a common issue? Is there maybe a delay in updating balances after trades?


If you use, it is a cluster of nodes actually with cache and stuff.

So you responses can vary because of a lag in node synchronizations.

And a second part is you cannot always safely rely on real time data, it is subject of mini forks.

If you need a stability in the balance information it is better to use confirmations > 0.

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I think to have the same issue on my nodes since yesterday.
If I collect the waves balance via api from my two nodes (0.16.2 release) I receive wrong values respect the

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I am using real-time data.
based on the previous block of the last block in my work
i am doing it right

It is not real-time data, it is data with confirmations == 1

I saw 1. This is the efficiency that the TX will never change anymore.
This data is unchanged and real-time efficiency.
What if not 1

Inal Kardanoff replied to my question that reorgs are possible 100 blocks deep. You are saying 1 block is final. AFAIK this is only possible in Byzantine Fault Tolerant blockchains, which Waves is not.
Why is it only 100 blocks? Do you use check points?

I don’t want to believe it.
If confirmation is “1”, there should never be a return
100 blocks, almost 2 hours.
A new world is set up in 2 hours.