Inquiry to my account

Is my waves wallet secure again with all the fixes of late? Or should I go ahead and open a new wallet and lose all tokens on it? And give me a straight answer and not a half-ass answer.

Hello waves12! All the latest versions of our client (wallet) are secure. You can download them here:
Aslo here’s the guide “How to restore your account”

Good to know Lars! Also, is the waves wallet secure without using the extension on the browser for added security right? Lastly, is there a way for you to check the tokens in my wallet to make sure they are not hacker tokens that lurch around to steal tokens when the are deposited?

  1. You don’t need to use Waves Keeper to increase your security. The extension enables you to sign transactions securely on third-party web resources without entering your seed or password.
  2. There is no solution to check your tokens. It’s DEX. And structure of your investment portfolio is your opportunity and your responsibility. In case you’re thinking that single token is scam then just burn it.

Straight answer: Your waves wallet has always been secure and all losses have been your fault :slight_smile:

Thanks Lars! If only we were giving special wave tokens to burn them because that step is not free! Also, can you warn user: kimbimlim to go be a comedian somewhere else?

Sorry, but kimbimlim is right. Waves wallet has always been secure.