Installing WavesGUI on Digitalocean Droplets

Hi all, I have installed WavesGUI on Digitalocean Ubuntu 16.04 Droplet. I have setup nginx and certbot SSL it was long way for me😉. Finally i have got this error (Unknown ALPN Protocol, expected h2 to be available.
If this is a HTTP request: The server was not configured with the allowHTTP1 option or a listener for the unknownProtocol event.) can someone guide me how to fix this?

We had the same, suspect it’s a cloudflare thing. However we had to abandon the investigation as we launched the CopyrightCoins ICO today.
If you find out, please let us know…

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I’m trying my need to be customized if I get result I will post guide

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At the NodeJS source code
you can read that the error is emitted when an unsupported protocol is requested. I suspect that the software “WavesGUI”, only supports HTTP/2 (h2) requests. The browser is most likely trying to connect via HTTP 1.1.
Do you use an outdated Firefox version or are running an old Ubuntu version?