Interest in building code for Bitshare-style Gateway templates?

Dumb question possibly - but on Bitshares I can support a handful of API calls and get brought online as a Gateway pretty easily. Waves is a superior platform (IMHO :slight_smile: ) - but the only Gateway seems to be Coinomat, who are really nice people, but they don’t answer questions and they don’t have an official API. I need to code and build on the Gateway, and Coinomat isn’t doing it for our projects.

Is there a list of REST calls I can implement or some program I can sign up for to become a supported Gateway? Everything points toward Coinomat - and there’s nothing there but a landing page.


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No answers on this - so there’s nothing. I’ve started building a basic template for cloning the BitShare API structure down - I’ll probably start bringing an alternative Gateway for at least Ethereum/BCH/BTC up if I can ever get my current app taken care of. If anyone interested in working on or hosting project in a crypto-friendly country (we’re in two business friendly areas - both are okay but there are legal costs in both that make this hard to justify running without volume) ping me.

Waves is much better engineered and built than Graphene - but it needs more gateways imho.