Internet failure - Impact of Isolated Blockchain domains


I wonder what the impact would be on Waves blockchain when a huge split occurs on the internet and seperate domains of the full nodes are running.
It got me thinking cause I read this article about russia doing a major disruption test:

I noticed that Russia has about 6.6% of all Waves nodes.

specific questions that I can think of for Waves blockchain:

  1. What is the overall impact on blockchain when an isolation occurs?
  2. What are the rules for full nodes when the blockchain is cut in isolated domains?
  3. What happens to blocks forged in both domains?
  4. What happens when the merging occurs of both isolated domains?
  5. Is the blockchain vulnerable for attacks when this happens?
  6. Do the miners earn profits for blocks forged during the isolation?
  7. Are the majority rules accounted for the number of nodes or the % of Waves stacks that run in one isolated domain?

Thanks for the answers
If these answers are clear, I would volunteer to create a nice whitepaper about the hardened structure of the Waves blockchain and how Waves will survive a major internet catastrophy.



ps. I raised this item on twitter and @wavesplatform asked me to raise it in this developers forum.